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Special 10 ans - Special 10 years

2018-09-18 11:30:25

Exactly 10 years ago, on September 17, 2008, 2 days after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, a group of entrepreneurs, experts in energy and sustainable development, actors of the Emerging Open Innovation created the Non Profit Organisation Cleantuesday in the "Digital Canteen", pioneering place of innovation in Paris in the 2000s.

2 concepts structured the project, the Cleantech, then in full bubble in the United States and which arrived in Europe. And Open Innovation, collaborative innovation between large groups and startups. 10 years later, Cleantech did not invade the world - which is even more environmentally in danger - even though renewable energies have grown exponentially and several projects close to Cleantuesday have known a worldwide success. Open Innovation, confidential 10 years ago, has become mainstream with the proliferation of accelerators and other Venture corporate funds.

Cleantuesday has organized hundreds of events around Cleantech and Renewable Energies on the 5 continents during these 10 years, allowed thousands of entrepreneurs to publicize their projects and develop them. Cleantuesday has been a global network since its inception, the environmental issue is global, the solutions are totally universal and 10 years after the global network is major through local
Cleantuesday chapters or partners in Norway, Italy, Germany-recently expanded with Munich Network-, in Great Britain, India and worldwide more than 20,000 contacts. The social networks Twitter, Facebook and other Linkedin that were hardly emerging at the birth of Cleantuesday are also today important vectors of exchanges and communication.

And here we go again for a new year. Below are the first announcements of events and global competitions to highlight environmentally friendly innovations. We know that the global environmental situation is very difficult, global warming is going to hit us hard and may at best be a bit limited, biodiversity - a subject that Cleantuesday has not dealt with much in this first decade - has collapsed, but we have faith in the innovation and invention capacities of Man, to "save the planet". Let's continue to support all initiatives in this direction, continue to mobilize large groups whose power has never been so strong for them to get involved in saving the planet.

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