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Special 10 ans - Special 10 years

Exactly 10 years ago, on September 17, 2008, 2 days after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, a group of entrepreneurs, experts in energy and sustainable development, actors of the Emerging Open Innovation created the Non Profit Organisation Cleantuesday in the "Digital Canteen", pioneering place of innovation in Paris in the 2000s.

2 concepts structured the project, the Cleantech, then in full bubble in the United States and which arrived in Europe. And Open Innovation, collaborative innovation between large groups and startups. 10 years later, Cleantech did not invade the world - which is even more environmentally in danger - even though renewable energies have grown exponentially and several projects close to Cleantuesday have known a worldwide success. Open Innovation, confidential 10 years ago, has become mainstream with the proliferation of accelerators and other Venture corporate funds.

Cleantuesday has organized hundreds of events around Cleantech and Renewable Energies on the 5 continents during these 10 years, allowed thousands of entrepreneurs to publicize their projects and develop them. Cleantuesday has been a global network since its inception, the environmental issue is global, the solutions are totally universal and 10 years after the global network is major through local
Cleantuesday chapters or partners in Norway, Italy, Germany-recently expanded with Munich Network-, in Great Britain, India and worldwide more than 20,000 contacts. The social networks Twitter, Facebook and other Linkedin that were hardly emerging at the birth of Cleantuesday are also today important vectors of exchanges and communication.

And here we go again for a new year. Below are the first announcements of events and global competitions to highlight environmentally friendly innovations. We know that the global environmental situation is very difficult, global warming is going to hit us hard and may at best be a bit limited, biodiversity - a subject that Cleantuesday has not dealt with much in this first decade - has collapsed, but we have faith in the innovation and invention capacities of Man, to "save the planet". Let's continue to support all initiatives in this direction, continue to mobilize large groups whose power has never been so strong for them to get involved in saving the planet.



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Special 10 ans

Voici exactement 10 ans, le 17 septembre 2008, 2 jours après la faillite de Lehman Brothers, un groupe d'entrepreneurs, experts en énergie et développement durable, acteurs de l'Open Innovation émergente, créaient l'association Cleantuesday dans la Cantine Numérique, lieu pionnier de l'innovation à Paris dans les annees 2000.
2 concepts structuraient le projet, les Cleantech, alors en pleine bulle aux Etats Unis et qui arrivaient en Europe. Et l'Open Innovation, l'innovation collaborative entre les grands groupes et les startups.
10 ans après les Cleantech n'ont pas envahi le monde -qui est encore plus en danger environnemental - même si les énergies renouvelables ont connu une croissance exponentielle et plusieurs projets proches de Cleantuesday un succès mondial. L'Open Innovation, confidentielle voici 10 ans, est devenue mainstream avec la multiplication des accélérateurs et autres fonds corporate.
Cleantuesday a organisé plusieurs centaines d'événements autour des Cleantech et des Energies Renouvelables sur les 5 continents pendant ces 10 ans, permis à des milliers d'entrepreneurs de faire connaitre leurs projets et de les développer.
Cleantuesday a été dès sa création un réseau mondial, la problématique environementale est mondiale, les solutions sont totalement universelles et 10 ans après le réseau mondial est majeur à travers les chapitres locaux Cleantuesday ou les partenaires, en Norvège, en Italie, en Allemagne -ou le réseau s'est récemment étendu avec Munich Network-, en Grande Bretagne, en Inde, et plus de 20000 contacts dans le Monde. Les réseaux sociaux Twitter, Facebook et autre Linkedin qui étaient à peine émergents à la naissance de Cleantuesday sont également aujourd'hui des vecteurs importants d'échanges et de communication.
Et c'est reparti pour une nouvelle année. On trouvera plus bas les premières annonces d'événements et de concours mondiaux destinés à mettre en avant les innovations favorables à l'environnement. Nous savons que la situation environnementale mondiale est très difficile, le réchauffement climatique va nous frapper durement et pourra au mieux être un peu limité, la biodiversité - sujet peu traité par Cleantuesday lors de cette première decennie - s'est effondrée, mais nous gardons foi dans les capacités d'innovations et d'invention de l'Homme, pour "sauver la planête". Continuons à soutenir toutes les initiatives en ce sens, continuons à mobiliser les grands groupes dont la puissance n'a jamais été aussi forte pour qu'ils s'impliquent dans la sauvegarde de la planête.



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Rushlight Awards 2018-2019

Cleantuesday invite les startups françaises à participer au
Rushlight Awards 2018-2019

Rushlight Awards 2018-19 - open now - Closing date 30 November 2018

The Rushlight Awards are the only set of awards designed specifically to support and promote all the latest clean technologies, innovations and initiatives for businesses and other organisations throughout UK, Ireland and internationally. There are separate categories for each of the renewable energies, clean fuels, transport, energy efficiency, power generation and storage, resource, water, sustainable manufacturing, agriculture and products, clean environment and deployment initiatives.

To enter, just go to and follow the instructions in How to Enter.
There are many reasons to enter the awards including:
1. All entries will be made into posters and exhibited at the Rushlight Show, unless you choose not to.
2. The prestigious and internationally recognised Rushlight Awards carry substantial kudos, specifically due to the totally independent, high quality judging and breadth of support from the key leading participants in the sector.
3. Winners and commended entries can display their respective success logos on all their marketing material and communications free-of-charge after the event.
4. Priority will be given to entrants for the presentation slots in the Innovation Showcase at the Rushlight Show on Wednesday 30 January.
5. Every entrant who is a commercial business can receive a free Grant Scope assessment by Granted Consultancy, including a 30 min skype call.
6. All entrants can have a stand in the Exhibition at the Rushlight Show at a substantial discount.
7. Celebrate an innovation breakthrough or an initiative by entering the awards and bringing the team to the Party.
8. All entrants can attend the Awards Party at discounted prices, including group packages.
9. Put your product, service, technology or project in front of potential customers, investors, partners, intermediaries and service providers.



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Cleantuesday partenaire de MUNICH NETWORK

Cleantuesday renforce son réseau en Allemagne grace au partenariat avec Munich Network qui permettra aux startups Cleantech françaises d'acceder aux grands groupes industriels allemands



With a broad-based backbone and decades of experience in innovation, technology, and industry, Munich Network is a tech industry driven private and independent nonprofit organization for promoting collaborative innovation. Munich Network members mostly are leading technology corporations from Germany and abroad, as well as research institutions, investors, consulting firms NGO´s and entrepreneurs. In addition, Munich Network is personally and directly connected with many of the most important technology centers in Germany, in Europe and internationally.


Munich Network links different groups in the innovation ecosystem by connecting parties in search of innovation (‘innovation consumer’) with parties that offer groundbreaking solutions (‘innovation provider’) and parties who enhance innovation (‘innovation enabler’). Munich Network’s role is that of an ‘Innovation Catalyst’ that accelerates innovation by networking and bringing together these worldwide relevant players who otherwise might not discover each other.

Munich Network Cleantuesday



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Cleantuesday partenaire du programme Techstars Energy Accelerator

Techstars Energy Accelerator
supporté par l'energeticien norvegien Statoil, Kongsberg et McKinsey est un accélérateur intensif de trois mois pour les nouvelles startups qui travaillent sur les solutions et les nouveaux business models de l'energie, la numérisation, les énergies renouvelables et le oil and gas, et toute technologie qui aide à construire des plateformes énergétiques pour le futur. Votre start-up aura accès aux ressources des partenaires et à leurs réseaux mondiaux d'expertise pour accélérer votre activité. Le programme investit jusqu'à 120 000 $ pour chacune des dix startups selectionnées qui sont déterminées à perturber l'industrie energetique et à façonner des plateformes pour l'avenir, En retour le programme prend 6% des parts pour partager le succès. Le programme a pour mission de trouver les 10 des start-ups les plus cool du monde dans le vaste espace de l'énergie: Lisez tout sur ce sujet sur

Techstars Energy Accelerator in partnership with Statoil, Kongsberg and McKinsey is a three-month intensive startup accelerator for those who work on disruptive solutions within new business models in the energy sector, digitalisation, renewables and oil and gas. And any enabling technology that help us build energy platforms for the future. Your start-up will gain access to our partners resources and our global networks of expertise to fast track your business. We select and invest up to $ 120,000 in ten startups that are determined to disrupt our industry and shape energy platforms for the future, we do take 6% common stock because your success is our success.
We are on a mission to find 10 of the worlds coolest start-ups in the broad energy space that are determined to disrupt our industry and shape energy platforms for the future. Read all about it at


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